Minimalism in Film Scoring: The Illusionist and The Hours

Project description
This paper has to be written every details related to those followings. It is an analysis paper of those two film scorings associated with scenes or film perspective of those two films.

– title and year film was released

– key personnel (actors, actresses, director, etc.)

– the nature of the underscore (orchestral, ambient, minimalist, etc.)

– was the music written originally by the composer or borrowed existed one.

– instrumentation (if applicable), and/or aspects of sound design: It has to be written in details

– compare / contrast with other works of this composer: This is the Key topic in the paper. Compare and contrast those two Glass\’ work in The Illusionist and The hours related to minimalism perspective.

– compare / contrast with similar works in this film genre (other composers)

– impact of the score on the film

– identification of source music (if applicable), other aspects of previously discussed techniques

*Be as specific as possible with your analysis, using third-party text, media, and web references (embedded links within your document)

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