Multiple question term paper for Business Law

 Term Paper Requirements:  After completing your reading, along with any other sources, if any, of your choosing, address   and support your particular position/view on the following specific issues, and, specifically, how   you would apply the Saint Leo University core values of community, respect, and integrity into   your actions. Be sure to use proper APA format for citations.    1. What are the potential foreseeable financial, psychological, and medical, yet unintended,           2. What are the fundamental distinctions between recuperative medical care and palliative   care? Who should be included in the decision to modify care from recuperative to   palliative? When, if ever, is the right to refuse any and all medical care appropriate   when such virtually ensures the death of the patient?   3. What professionals, medical or otherwise, should be involved in advising decisions   concerning end-of-life wishes? How does euthanasia differ from a simple cessation of   treatment? Who should make end of life decisions for those who are without a family   member to take on such a role?   4. What measures can be taken to ensure the quality of ongoing family and social   relationships, individually and as a group, to end-of-life patients? What pitfalls are to be   avoided in ensuring maintenance of these relationships? What actions may be taken to   ensure the spiritual and existential dimensions of the process are respected and   integrated?   

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