Nervous system

is a series of 9 questions that each have a word count guideline and associated grade descriptors. These need to be fulfilled in order to pass. more detail will be on assignment
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please see attached assignment, is 9 question. each question has a either one or more grade descriptors associated which you can see on the document. these need to be fulfilled for the assignment to be marked. 🙂
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this is the booklet i got with the assignment, it may help.
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mate! 1a – functions need to stated in relevant part of diagram, not as additional bullet points. 2. please include structure in terms of nucleus and various components. you have linked structure to its use but need to mention overall structure 3. asks to explain motor AND sensory neuron, there is no mention of a sensory neuron here?. 4. no mention of a Myelinated neuron!! you have explained action potential mechanism but not the transmission of action potential in a myelinated neuron 6. question asks for importance of myelin sheath AND refractory period in determining speed of nervous impulse. there is no mention of the refractory period or how these determine speed of impulse! 7. answers question but is very messy. for e.g – \”this causes the ion channels in the cell that reduce ion\” what does that mean? 8. needs more information 9. is asking for CAUSE and EFFECT of synaptic inhibition. whats happening?
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hi, a few issues. firstly i paid for 2000 words and the document is only 1347? 1a. need to state their functions as well as identifying the component parts (as seen in criteria 1.1), would autonomic nervous system not be part of nervous system? 2. asks to describe structure as well, plus there is no illustration as asked by question 3. no illustration or mention of sensory neuron?? 6. has the question been answered? asks to explain the importance of the myelin sheath and refractory period in determining speed of nerve impulses. yet there is no mention of these two?? 7. no structure mentioned?? 8. again not sure the actual question has been answered here?? 9. there is no mention of cause and effect of synaptic inhibition I am not going to lie i am really worried now 🙁

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