Question 1: (2 marks)Screen shot the local area connection properties of your computer. What is your local machine’sdefault gateway IP address? What is the purpose of having a default gateway?Question 2: (2 marks)In your local machine CLI window, ping your default gateway and ping Oncesuccessful, type the command “arp – a”Take a screen shot of the output and explain two lines as examplesQuestion 3: (2 marks)Issue “netstat -r” command in the CLI window, screen shot the IPv4 and IPv6 tables and explain thetable content row-by-row.Question 4: (2 marks)David bought a new Cisco router 1900. What are the main components of a Cisco router? He wants tokeep back up of IOS of the router. Please advise him the two methods with correct procedures.Question 5: (2 marks)Refer to the exhibit below. The network administrator for a small advertising company has chosen touse network for internal LAN addressing. As shown in the exhibit, a static IP addressis assigned to the company printer. However, no other devices can visit it. Please give your suggestionof general trouble shooting procedure and identify that is the main reason if current situation.

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