PACS Adminstrator roles and responsibilites

You concept paper for this course will consist of an interview with an IT professional and/or PACS administrator. (I interviewed a IT professional only)

You will create a list of questions which will be centered around the following topics (I will upload the interview questions and answers)

Paper should include the role and responsibility of the PACS Administrator
Information systems and their application in the imaging department.
Background training and education related to Information systems used in the imaging department.
Maintaining the PACS clinical workflow during downtime.
Management of HIPPA regulations regarding the accountability and protection of patient information.

Roles and responsibilities of a IT Professional in healthcare field.

Using the interview as a resource for your paper construct a 3-5 page paper summarizing the role and responsibilities of the PACS Administrator and IT professional in healthcare. When discussing your interview be sure to note the following: What surprised you about the role and responsibilities (just make it up). Compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities of PACS administrator and a IT professional. What background training do you feel is necessary to best assume the role of a IT professional?

You will create a transcript of your questions and the answers and attach as an appendix to your report. (Interview questions will be attached)

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