Persuasive speech

Object: Persuasive speech for a nonprofit organization
Procedure: speech for a spokersperson for KidCare.. KidCare is a nonprofit organization of activists and advocates for children\’s welfare. It focuses on early childhood education and educating parents and local governments about children\’s developmental needs. It also sponsors projects related to child welfare and education. Baker and Lovern, is involved with the Huntington playground project because one of its major clients Mountain Light and power has agree to match local funding for the project. The speech will be delivered in the spacious Jefferson High School auditorium. Students of Jefferson High School are mainly from prosperous upper middle class residential areas. The event has been publicized through radio spots, in articles, and on the local access TV show. The spokesperson for KidCare, Leila Vance, is an experienced public speaker. The audience for this speech will consist of concerned house-wives, members of the local police force, a few business owners who might be potential donors, several newspaper reporters. A zoning waiver petition has narrowly passed the city Council allowing the approximately 3.6 acre tract identified for the playground to be classified P-4. At this point, the concern is gathering funds for the project. The primary purpose of the speech is to garner local public support and donor pledges for a proposed\” Laurel Avenue\” public playground, which will serve a low-income residential area of Huntington. Using this information, write a five-minute speech in which Ms. Vance expresses her thanks for the support of selected members of the City Council, selected state legislature persons, Riteway Building Suppliers, and mountain Power and light. The speech should include no more than three of the following points for emphasis (10 rates of domestic abuse can be reduced when young children have safe places to play.(2) Social interaction among children in a play environment teaches sharing and other kinds of social skills.(3) When children are given places where they can act out their feelings in socially acceptable ways, they\’re more likely to become good citizens.(4) Active play is exercise, and all forms of exercise make for healthier kids.(4)Busy and harried parents get a break from the exhausting tasks of caring for young children.(6) Parents who volunteer to serve as playground supervisors get to know their neighbors, thus strengthening a sense of neighborhood community.(7) A playground can be a safe and productive after-school environment for working moms and dads.

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