Please Follow Grading Criteria, APA formatting, and NO Plagiarism: Company is GOOGLE

You should select a company (GOOGLE) to work with for this project. You can use your current employer or another company that you can access easily. For the purposes of this project, you are now the Director of International Compliance, charged with the task of creating guidelines for international business law that can be used by your company\’s employees. Once you have selected your company, select at least three countries that your company currently does business with or plans to do business with. Your company may or may not actually do business with multiple countries, but for the purposes of the assignment, you should select at least one country in Asia, one in Europe, and one in Central or South America. For example, you might select China, Germany, and Brazil. Next, think about the company you have selected and how it is structured. Assume that international business transactions are critical to the profitability and survival of your company. Consider how ethics and culture affect transactions with your international business partners and the strategies you should consider when entering those markets. Develop and deliver an outline that: Please follow Grading Criteria, APA formatting  

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