pols 446 Presidency

1. One of the most prominent issues in American politics today is the growing size of the national debt. To what extent is the president responsible for this continued path of annual deficits? In your response, discuss the president’s control over the bureaucracy and his role in the budgetmaking process. Be sure to reference course material whenever appropriate.  2. The ratification of the 22nd Amendment in 1951 created the “lame duck” presidency. What does this term mean and how has it impacted the power, capabilities, and focus of a presidential administration during its period of time? In your response, be sure to reference course material whenever appropriate.  3. How would you rate the overall performance of the Obama Administration? More specifically, what best explains the successes of President Obama’s two terms in office? What contributed most to his presidency’s failures? In your response, be sure to reference course material whenever appropriate. i need them by 5 hours

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