Portfolio creation and selection

1.All of you have to set up your portfolio and make sure it will not exceed QR30000.
2.Discuss your strategies of asset allocation carefully, your analysis should consider the following points
a.What would be your preferred portfolio mix? Why? Explain briefly./ just explain how we chose this portfolio?
b.Calculate the correlation and co-variance matrix for the selected securities / you already done
c.Use Markowitz model to calculate the return and risk for alternative weights of the portfolio / as explained in class using EXCEL
d.Develop your optimal portfolio with different target risk and return
e.You can create the efficient frontier and select your choice and weights
f. When you find the weights allocate these 30000 on the securities sent to you, based on the weights you found.
g.What is your plan next? Clearly state what is your re-balancing strategy

– All the figures and tables should be numbered and sourced.

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