Research paper on the emergency response effort directed to a major aircraft mishap of your choosing.

Research paper on the emergency response effort directed to a major aircraft mishap of your choosing.
The paper must be supported with references and regulations applicable to the incident/plan. Remember that the nature of the class is aircraft crash and emergency management and the focus of the paper should revolve around this theme. Papers that do not address this topic, but focus instead on other important, but irrelevant safety issues will not grade well.
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I attached an example of a paper and some references than can be used in the paper. Please let me know the aircraft mishap of your choosing.

The book used in class is International Fire Service Training Association. (IFSTA 2008). Airport rescue and fire fighting (5th ed.). Stillwater: International Fire Service Training Association, Oklahoma State University. I don\”t have a copy.

Supplemental Web Resources
AC 150/5200-31A, Airport Emergency Plan, FAA ( (Scroll down to applicable Advisory Circular)
US National Search and Rescue Plan, USCG ( (Adobe PDF file)
49 CFR Part 1544, Aircraft Operator Security: Air Carriers and Commercial Operators ( (Browse down to title 49, then select applicable part)
49 CFR Part 1548, Indirect Air Carrier Security ( (Browse down to title 49, then select applicable part)
14 CFR Part 139, Certification and Operations: Land Airports Serving Certain Air Carriers (
NIMS Resources Center, FEMA (
Simple Triage & Rapid Treatment (START) (, Los Angeles City Fire Chiefs
Airport Services Manual, Part 7, Airport Emergency Planning, ICAO, 2nd Edition, 1991 Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures for Fire and EMS Departments, FEMA & USFA, Appendix A ( (text file)
Overview, FAA Public Law 107-71, Aviation and Transportation Security Act ( (Adobe PDF file)

Important Videos – All FAA Safety Team Central Florida (Basic to Section 8)
Back to Basics – First Responders When Seconds Count Post Aircraft Accident Response
Introduction to Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF): Prelude
Instruction files

sfty350_paper_rice.docx(25,91 KiB)
out.pdf(101,47 KiB)
ajem-16-02-06.pdf(480,42 KiB)
1999-01-1450.pdf(2,79 MiB)

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