Research proposal

1- write :
aims. Meaning to explain what you hope to find out: i.e. the overall purpose of the study.the general intentions of there search, which \’paint a picture\’ of projectionist. You need to emphasis what you hope to accomplish (not how it is to be accomplished).
2- objectives. . Having established your aim(s) you need to formulate your objectives; which are subsidiary to aims and:
Are the steps you are going to take to answer your research questions or a specific list of tasks needed to accomplish the goals of the project

3- add methodology section based in this comments : just rewrite this in good way
Methodology needs expanding and clarity. methodology should follow along these lines:
a) literature review to establish an understanding of the senses — and their role in cognition and perception scientific angle
b) relevance to architecture — the role senses have played in architectural theory — and with your understanding (a) a (possible) critique of this. scientific/theoretical angle
c) you may then consider and question the scientific understanding of the senses (how they work and inform our being in the world) — on the premise that this view is the modern western scientific view which is of a 1-way/closed system — which implies we are all the same (and always have been). This view is distinct from what studies in anthropology, environmental psychology and cultural studies tell us (that different societies have different approaches to perception, and even different ways of sensing).
d) consequently you might seek to test this (c) by establishing an experiment to ascertain how the senses inform our cognition/perception of space, and thus how this is culturally determined. In so doing you will devise an installation which you can situate in two distinct contexts for people to interact and engage with. Presumably in ab Dhabi and UK .
e) the results of this experiment will be gathered and the outcome is pending the nature of those results – but you hope to be able to illustrate differences in the way different cultures sense and thereby, and this may enable you to illustrate that different culture cognitive and perceive space differently. The consequence of this is that the current trend/appetite for western architecture imported to contexts which are not of western origin is detrimental to the culture and sensitivity of those inhabitants.

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