This week our main topic has been narrative. Narrative is our way to make sense of our world and pass key values to future generations. We experienced text narrative (Chinese Nian, Slough and Memories: Bothell in 1914), visual narrative (Grandfather\’s Journey), Audio narratives (Living without a Net), and we listened how writers and artists talking about their own work (Interview with Allen Say, Phil Borges Culture in Danger, Danger of a Single Story). What do we learn from all of those, and how can be get inspired from it?For this week\’s discussion please address the following:1 [claim] what is the most important teaching function of a narrative according to you?2 [definition] what is the definition of a narrative given by Bradford Hall? what are the teaching functions of a narrative? what is a single story and what is the danger of a single story as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie put it in her TED Talk?3 [example] please choose one narrative we experienced this week to illustrate how your before mentioned teaching function has been demonstrated through it.4 [explanation] please relate to the film interview project you are working on. In which way your film may turn out to be a single story? In which way you can prevent that from happening?Evaluation of graded discussion posting is based upon the clarity of expression, application of the course concepts to your experiences, synthesis of course ideas, correct American English grammar, correct American English spelling, and timeliness of submission.  You should consider the work you submit to me as clear demonstrations of your knowledge.  Your classmates and I are the audience for your postings, so you should write these submissions as clearly and as knowledgeably as possible. To facilitate these written elements, use the CREER format.  CREER is an acronym for Concept, Rule (Definition), Example, and Explanation of Reasoning.  This is a style of writing that is often used in social science and legal courses.  A student using this style will incorporate the course material and demonstrate her or his understanding of it.Completion of each discussion posting may worth up to 10 pt each. A posting that’s evaluated as “excellent” across all four CREER Elements (Claim, Rules/definition, Examples, Explanations) would earn 1 pt for claim, 2 pt for Rules/definition, 3 pt for examples and 4 pt for explanations. 

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