In this essay, were guided by the life course perspective, which connects individual lives and experiences with broader social/historical factors. Because the meaning and timing of retirement are in flux today, especially given the erosion of the social contract that Beth Rubin discusses, we need an inductive spirit in exploring how older people are navigating this transition.
You will be helped by using Rubins argument as a point of departurethe stable career model that endured from the post WWII till the mid -1970s or so, is no longer relevant to a large proportion of the older population. In part, Weiss book, The Experience of Retirement, documents responses to this trend, among mostly white, middle-class to affluent people, even as it provides a more textured portrait of the subjective meaning(s) of retirement for his informants.
Discuss present patterns of and variations in retirement in the U.S., based on the book, The Experience of Retirement, by Robert Weiss; discuss the book in the context of a life course perspective on aging, as laid out in the reading by Moen, et al, \”A Life Course Approach to Retirement and Social Integration,\” and then consider and critique Weiss\’ book in connection with gender inequality in retirement, with help from the reading by Francis Carp, \”Retirement and Women.\”
In expanding your essay, you can also include material on civic engagement among older people, drawing on the web-links Ive sent via email. The value of this is to better understand the distinctive opportunities and perspectives, regarding retirement, among the baby boomer birth cohorts, and also the collective contributions older adults are making to civil society.

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