REVIEw both post 100 words each, do them separate APA format

REVIEW both post 100 words each, add more information to the topic if necessary,  do them separate APA format, site source,  1.  2.  Nematodes are non- segmented roundworms that possess complete digestive, excretory, nervous and reproductive systems (“Information”, 2016). Most are microscopic. The diversity of nematode forms and territories are incredible: there are more than 15,000 known species, can you imagine that! They infect everything from bugs to whales to humans. Nematodes can take the energy of living organism and cause serious diseases, even kill humans and animals.  There are other nematode parasites in humans that are transmitted by eating meat that is not cooked adequately, or through contact with soil or water contaminated with feces, from humans or animals (Hay, 2016). Wuchereria bancroftican cause damages to the lymphatic system and causes debilitating inflammations in different parts of the body referred to as ‘elephantiasis’. Some other species of nematodes live in the stomach of animals and prevent them from absorbing enough nutrients to grow in good health (Hay, 2016). 

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