Robinson Crusoe

Project description
5 paragraph essay. Give In depth analysis of the 5 topics. Proving with answers with sufficient and precise details from the text, including examples of attitudes, conversations, and events, as well as descriptions. Do not write in 3rd person.The thesis statement should be “Robinson Crusoe journeys in his attitude toward Divine Providence from rebellion against what he perceives as a disinterested authority early on, to an initial repentance and conversion through the vision-dream, and finally, to an active and mature faith in a loving God, Who protects and guides all things, by the end of his stay on the island.” The introduction paragraph should supply a definition of Providence molded on the discussion presented above. In light of this definition, further comment should be made concerning Robinson’s understanding of Providence or his attitude toward Providence, how that changes from rebellion against what Robinson perceives as punishment to repentance for pride and selfishness to gratitude for the love of a heavenly father which sustains him. The last sentence should be the provided thesis statement. paragraph one should begin with a topic sentence that includes and evaluation of Robinsons relationship with God/attitude toward for about providence before Robinson experiences the vision dream. No Robinsons rebellious attitude and his inability to see providence as a manifestation of God’s love. Paragraph two Should begin with a topic sentence that conveys Robinsons developing understanding of Divine Providence as particularly inspired by the vision-dream, which causes him to repent. The third paragraph should begin with the topic sentence showing how Robinson’s reaction to the mutineers and their deposed Captain reveals an understanding of divine providence that is now based on love and trust, in which has inspired Robinsons complete abandonment to the direction of Providence, the loving plan of God. The concluding paragraph should begin with the restatement of the thesis in a slightly different way. Paragraph should summarize Robinson’s attitude toward Providence a scene at the end of the stay on the island and after his departure, and reflect upon the spiritual journey Robinson has made over the course of the story. What does Robinson now believe about divine providence in general, and especially in the events of his own life? Upon what has Robinsons police finally come to rest, as opposed to the fear that began his journey in faith? How does Robinson matured faith continue to manifest itself in his thoughts and actions after he leaves the island? Be sure to cite specific example be sure to cite specific events, characters statements, as well as their acts, attitudes, and descriptions to support your points. The introduction paragraph should state the title of the book as well as The name of the author if you quote from the book you must know the page reference in parentheses next to the quote.

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