Social Media and Civil Security

The following is your comprehensive exam question for Executive Communications.

Please read the question carefully and provide an in-depth response. You need to

cite your sources in APA style within the body of your response AND provide a

separate reference page at the end to identify sources used.

High-impact and high-visibility events have revealed that the proliferation and

widespread use of mobile devices have significantly impacted communications,

situational awareness and decision-making. Social media are being leveraged to

communicate and share real-time, dynamic information to enhance situational awareness

and assist in decision making. The volume and speed with which available information is

disseminated, combined with an inability to identify, verify, coordinate, aggregate and

contextualize it, however, can leave information unused and ultimately, unactionable. In

short, social media can aid in crisis situations, complicate crisis situations, create crisis

situations, and head off crisis situations.

Explore the scholarly databases to prepare a report on three ways social media can

enhance situational awareness for security professionals and three related challenges of

using social media. The scholarly journals used as sources should be a combination of

those from security and communication databases.

Report must include a 1) An Executive Summary (abstract) summarizing your findings

AND noting which search terms were employed, which terms worked and which terms

did not work 2) a 20-page backgrounder (review of scholarly literature) that: a) clearly

defines situational awareness, b) explains how social media can impact situational

awareness and decision making, c) compares/contrasts scholars findings re: the ways

social media can enhance situational awareness for security professionals and related

challenges of using social media.

1. Exam instruction is detailed above.
2. Attached is 10 pager background paper, please add another 10 pages with 5 sources related to the topic above.
3. So in the end, this topic will have 10 pages.
4. Please be mindful of sources and APA.

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