Supervision – WK 14 Video Essay

After you have read Chapter Seventeen, \”\”, watch the performance appraisal video using the link below [you will need to cut and paste it into your browser], pen and paper in hand, and complete the following assignment.  1.  Create a list of ten [10] errors the supervisor makes during the performance appraisal.2.  Review your list item-by-item and identify a better way to manage the performance appraisal, based on what you have learned3.  Provide your rationale for the change you are making – why is it an improvement? In order for this assignment to be considered complete, there should be 30 components when you are done. Please submit this in any way you like as long as it is very clear which of the components are errors, corrections and the rationale for your proposed correction. This is a GREAT chance to rack up the points if you are concerned about being close to the end of the semester and your GPA is lower than you like.  It\’s also a good opportunity to use any experience you\’ve had on either side of the performance appraisal table to explain your rationale for change!  This spoof video titled \”Performance Appraisal Gone Bad!!\” was posted by Joti Chana and published on April 2, 2012.  It covers how     

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