Taylor Dispersion Report

Project description
What you have to do first is read the REFERENCES I will attach, and also you can use your references as well my topic proposal is Taylor Dispersion and from my references there are three articles that can help you to find the problem here is the name of the articles “DaouExam question-and solution, DaouTaylorAxisym problem solution, Taylor 1953, Taylor1954” These are my focus, and you can use the rest of my references to help you to write my proposal topic. Note: all your references MUST be articles, not books. Now here is the details instruction I want you to do after reading all my articles.

Literature review

literature review of the subject,
which will be a report outlining the background reading material for the project, and perhaps some preliminary mathematics and a plan for what you intend to accomplish in the thesis.

The report must be no longer than 15 pages , including all figures, appendices, references, etc.
Allocate chapters as you see fit.
Two reasons for doing this report are (1) so that you can get some practice at writing
reports before your full dissertation and get some good feedback on this and (2) so that you can get a firm plan in your mind about what you will do in your dissertation. It will also mean that you will have done a sufficient amount of background reading so that you can get going properly on your dissertation straight after exams.

The report should illustrate that you have done some of this reading. You should describe the topic in your own words. This may include describing an important result from a paper and how you will use or modify this in order to solve the problem that you will look at on your dissertation. You are welcome to do some additional theory, numerical simulations, etc. The exact nature of the report is up to you.
Please do not just lift/copy text from papers/books. This does not illustrate understanding, and will be picked up by the plagiarism detector in Turnitin.
Restrictions on the report
Please keep margins etc. as they are. Maximum number of pages is 15 including figures, appendices and references.

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