The ideas behind the design and how the design could be improved?

Our design is a L-shape simple warehouse and with double- glazed glass partly on roof (middle section), two cranes installed inside the building. ( Try to imagine the picture )

Follow the points and explain how those aspects are importance to our design in detail :
.Natural Light
.Aesthetically Pleasing
.Minimal interior columns ( Gives us large open spaced area inside the building )
.Simple construction ( Easy to construct )
.Drainage system on roof
.Used Aluminium cladding

Improvement of the building:
Positioning- Overlooking AQA building
.Not the most effective use of surface area
.Columns required at intersection
.Storage/ Facilities
Added on 15.05.2016 04:52
Here is the design brief file, plz do ignore the another file that i have uploaded
Instruction files

eng1085_coursework.pdf(214,64 KiB)
design_brief_-_spring_2016.pdf(2,08 MiB)

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