The Impressionists and Their Critics

Impressionism became a very popular art movement during the 19  century in France. However, when Impressionists like Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir debuted their work, many art critics disliked it.Read the following links:Explore Take a closer look at the artworks from Monet and Renoir below: Write a three (3) paragraph minimum response of 200 words minimum addressing the following questions and post your statement to the Discussion Board on our Blackboard site;  then reply to two classmate\’s postings.1) Why did critics dislike the work of the Impressionists?2) Are their opinions surprising to you?3) What is your opinion of Monet and Renoir\’s work?4) How do you think time and place influence our opinion of art works?5) In two separate posts, respond to two classmates who made interesting observations.

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