The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate an initial public offering.

The company is Dave & Busters (NASDAQ: PLAY) which went public on October 9, 2014. Additional information can be found at Yahoo Finance and Answer the following questions.

Explain the companys business in your own words.
What are the terms of the offering?
What percent of Dave and Busters will public shareholders own after the offering? Hint: this is a tricky question. See page 10.
What is unusual about the companys ownership and financial structure?
How much funding did the company receive? What is the use of proceeds?
What are the major risk factors of the company?
What percent of the company is held by insiders and management?
What is the value of the company at the IPO?
Why did the company go public? Does the company need funding?
Would you have invested in the IPO? Why or why not?
How has the stock price performed since the IPO? Why?

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