the Slave portrayal of both Heathcliff and Mustafa Said

Also, I ordered 1500 words from you website three days ago under the title the reliability of narration in wuthering heights. I will attach it as well.
I want the focus on the Bronte\’s, for the reason of this essay is to measure the reliability of narration in Wuthering Heights through a post-colonial novel, Season of migration to the the north.
all you need is to use the two papers and change as much as it require to get the question answered in 4000 words. so, you do not need much work, I ordered 1000 just in case.
Added on 07.05.2016 09:08
My draft
Instruction files

the_reliability_narration_of_wuthering_heights.doc(55,50 KiB)
heathcliff_mustafa.docx(30,81 KiB)

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