This essay will be an argument essay, the topic is should there be a market in human organs?

Project description
Hook: the hook can not be a question
connecting information
clear claim (one side)
Thesis statement: Counterargument + claim
Three Body Paragraphs:
topic sentence: each paragraph states one distinct main supporting idea (topic) to the thesis statement
Each paragraph has logical arguments supporting each topic
Each paragraph contains supporting details: examples, details, explanations
Body paragraphs have at least two quotation and two paraphrases
Quotations and paraphrases are well integrated with connecting information
Effective use of transition words and phrases.
– Counterargument and refutation paragraph:
Begins with a counterargument , 2-3 sentences
followed by a \”but\” phrase
refutation of the counterargument is logical
refutation of the counterargument is conclusive/irrefutable
– critical thinking
displays awareness/ knowledge of the issue
No major logical flaws
– Concluding paragraph
Restates the main ideas
Provides a sense of closure
At least two paraphrases
At least two quotations
At least three sources from databases
In text citation ( author + page number)
Credentials for each author
– Language Use
Use a good sentence structure
follow the convention of English spelling and grammar
Minimize word use errors
Minimize words order errors.
Also include the Work Cited page.

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