Time series model forecasting

Providing forecasts of USD/GBP exchange rate. Forecasting period : starting from April 19th and end May 9th. That is, starts from April 18th to forecast the time series for April 19th and then to sequentially forecast the next days. Two kinds of forecasts are required: 1-step ahead and 7-step ahead forecasts.
Also, providing forecasts of the monthly average low temperature of Newark, DE for April 2016. Only 1-step ahead forecast is required.
The historical data is attached. You need to use R to build models(ARIMA, transfer function model) for forecasting and compare to the actual data. You may change or update your models during the forecast period.

Finally, providing a full report that summarizes the data used, the model-building process, the final models and the results(including the forecasted values, MSE of the forecasts, confidence intervals, and etc.). R code should be included in the Appendix.

3 pages for USD/GBP forecast and 1 page for the temperature.

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