Trader Joe\’s case

Analysis the case. Do some calculations and answer some possible questions. This will help me to prepare my final exam. I don\’t know the questions now, so just find some possible questions and give brief answers. You don\’t need to cite anything.
Added on 05.05.2016 01:07
The following are the most important ratios:

Gross Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin

Management Effectiveness:
Return on Assets
Return on Equity

Current Ratio
Quick Ratio

Inventory Turnover

Depending on the financial information provided in a case, you may also be able to compare companies using the common size method.
Added on 05.05.2016 01:11
I uploaded the syllabus. You can see the other cases and the questions that I did before in this term. The trader joe\”s case questions will probably very similar to the last couple cases.
Instruction files

trader_joe_case.pdf(471,03 KiB)
gb410_syllabus.docx(105,63 KiB)

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