Using t-Test

To prepare for this Assignment, review the Required Readings from Triola found in the Learning Resources for this module. Think about how inferential statistics uses sample data to make inferences about population parameters. Also, review A Simple Guide to IBM SPSS Statistics regarding t-tests.
Assignment Guidelines:
Access Module 2 Assignment 1: Using t-Tests, which can be found in the Learning Resources for this module.
Access the dataset in the SPSS program.
Complete the analyses described in Module 2 Assignment 1 by following the directions within the document.
Write a 2-page paper that includes the results found from your analysis and your interpretation of the data. Include the output from the t-tests in your explanation of the results. Follow proper APA format and guidelines for writing and charting.
As an option, use the Peer Help Desk discussion area to give and receive help from your colleagues on using SPSS. This can include attaching screenshots (embedded in a MS Word document), step-by-step directions, or general help in solving the problems.

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