Visit a religious temple/institution that is not your own tradition.

Attend a service or other religious function which you canobserve/participate in. Write a 2 page (12pt/double-spaced) summary and response about your experience. Use the tools you have gained in class to look for myth, ritual, sacred space, images of the sacred, and cultural differences etc.Make sure to take a picture with your phone or bring back some literature from whatever site you visit and turn that in as well.I have listed some possible places to visit below, but of course you are welcome tofind your own – just send me an email beforehand telling me exactly where you willbe going. You may need to do some research to find out when services are beingheld and you may need to speak to someone there to make sure it is okay for you to attend. Many of these places have websites where you can get all this information.   

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