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Evidence-based Research Problem
Evidence-based Practice Research Question
Is the life skills training intervention effective in increasing readiness to change in homeless population with mental illness and addictive disorders? ( She crossed out addictive disorders and wrote this comment: This is pretty good. Is your treatment the Life Skills Training Intervention the name of a specific protocol or do you mean in general, any study that uses life skills training?
Setting and Population of Interest
I work at a homeless shelter in Laguna Beach. The homeless shelter is an aspect of temporally housing. It provides shelter, food, clothing and other basic necessities to the homeless population. This homeless population consists of men and women over eighteen years old who have mental health disorders and substance abuse history. The shelter also connects clients to local mental health services for evaluation for mental health disorders and to receive appropriate treatment. The shelter also provide services such as substance abuse treatment, counselling, psychotherapy, other services to help clients better their lives. The self-sufficiency program has counselors who work one on one with clients to develop weekly goals and set up deadlines. However, some clients do not follow through. Clients with substance abuse disorders often deny that they have a problem. Clients get overwhelmed when they do not meet a deadline. Clients who are seeking employment get discouraged from being turned down by employers. Some voluntarily leave the program.
Rationale/Significance of Problem
Helfrich, Chan, Simpson, & Sabol (2012) state that research shows that transitioning to a new environment is likely to increase anxiety before or after transitioning (Helfrich, et al., 2012, p. 8). When people enter homeless shelters, there is more pressure in assisting them gain employment and less emphasis on their overall health and life skills intervention. The literature recommends adults with a mental illness at risk for homelessness participating in a manualized life skills intervention (Helfrich, et al., 2012, p. 8). Intervention topics included money management, food management, safe community participation, and room- and self-care (Helfrich, et al., 2012, p. 8). The life skills intervention help identify readiness to change (Helfrich, et al., 2012, p. 8). However, this practice seems unethical to judge people by their readiness to change to qualify them for services. The goal of treatment is to meet the client where they are. There is a lack of research on this topic. After the word topic, she wrote this comment : The way that you write this sounds like you are saying that anxiety is the cause for decline in transitioning to independent living. Do you want to add anxiety as a variable to your question. Maybe something like, Does Life Skills Training Decrease Anxiety in Homeless veterans transitioning to independent living as compared to homeless clients who do not receive life skills training? That may be too wordy.

Can you help address/fix/respond/make it work please?

Helfrich, C. A., Chan, D. V., Simpson, E. K., & Sabol, P. (2012). Readiness-to-change cluster profiles among adults with mental illness who were homeless participating in a life skills intervention. Community Mental Health Journal, 48(6), 673-81. doi:
Molinari, V. A., PhD., Brown, L. M., PhD., Frahm, K. A., PhD., Schinka, J. A., PhD., & Casey, Roger,PhD., L.C.S.W. (2013). Perceptions of homelessness in older homeless veterans, VA homeless program staff liaisons, and housing intervention providers. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 24(2), 487-98. Retrieved from
Yin-Ling, I. (2002). Tracking change in psychological distress among homeless adults: An examination of the effect of housing status. Health & Social Work, 27(4), 262-73. Retrieved from
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