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Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of, has said that one of the key elements of being a good business leader is the capacity to tell the hard truths. “Leaders struggle with this problem all the time,” says Dr. David Thomas of the Harvard Business School. “From a leadership point of view, you always want to move toward telling the hard truths and helping people cope with the realities of change. But as a manager, you might be more inclined to minimize the complexity of a situation so things can run smoothly for as long as possible. It’s often a judgment call.”

Memo #5 invites you to look at this business problem in the context of the organization with which you have the greatest familiarity the College of Business. How does, or rather how should, a professor at a College of Business deal with this problem? Should a professor tell students the hard truth or should he or she smooth things over as Dr. Thomas suggests. In essence, should professors treat students as they themselves would want to be treated? Or does their different position in the classroom/organization impose an imperative on them to treat students differently?

To make this assignment even more specific, this memo is to be directed to the CEO of your class me. In other words — keeping the above problem in mind — can you come up with specific suggestions as to how I can improve this course?

If youre having a hard time thinking of specific improvements in the course structure, then try to think of any questions you may still have about the topic of management and that may have gone unaddressed in the course of the semester. In the future, Mr. Professor, you may want to also cover the topic of.

Please note, writing to your CEO is obviously a tricky and delicate business. Too much honesty might result in alienation; too little might label you as a brown-nose, someone who only tells the boss what he or she wants to hear; neither obviously is desirable. (For further definitions of brown-nose, please see

To help make your point, I invite you to include a reference to a specific article on the Web, but please note, unlike in Memo #2, an attachment is not a requirement. Its up to you as to how you will tackle the issue. If you think your words alone will suffice then so be it. If you want to include a reference to another source, then in my opinion so much the better. The choice is yours. Good luck!

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