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Doc 1
TOPICS: Labor Markets, Monetary Policy, Oil Markets, Unemployment, Wages
CLASSROOM APPLICATION: Students learn how domestic and global factors are impacting U.S. labor markets, not only in terms of job creation but also in terms of different measures of unemployment and hourly earnings. They can analyze the current state of labor supply and labor demand using an input market framework. Finally, they can discuss how February\”s improvements in labor markets may affect future monetary policy decisions.
1. (Introductory) How many jobs were created in February? What was February\”s unemployment rate, and how does it compare to January\”s rate? Which U.S. sectors posted the strongest employment gains last month, and which sectors shed jobs?

2. (Introductory) What are two other signs that U.S. labor markets improved in February? What was one distressing piece of labor market data for policymakers?

3. (Advanced) Using a supply/demand framework to analyze the market for labor, explain how last month\”s data constitutes a shift in labor supply and/or labor demand. What happens to the price of labor (wages) and quantity of labor (number of workers), according to the model?

4. (Advanced) How is February\”s labor market data likely to accept the Federal Reserve\”s interest rate decision next week? How might it affect April\”s interest rate decision? Briefly explain.

Doc 2
TOPICS: Microeconomics
CLASSROOM APPLICATION: Students can evaluate the increased involvement by street gangs in white collar crimes from an economic point of view. Students can set up the street gang decision problem as a constrained optimization problem: choosing the amounts of time spent in various gang activities to maximize utility (or profit) subject to a time constraint.
1. (Advanced) Why are street gangs turning to white collar crimes? Use economic analysis, including the benefits and costs of various types of crimes, to answer the question.

2. (Introductory) Are police departments that have separate silos for investigating gangs and financial fraud best-responding in their administrative structure to the recent rise in while collar crimes by street gangs?

3. (Advanced) As police departments increase their investigations of white collar crimes by street gangs will the gangs reduce their white collar crime activity? That is, is white collar crime by street gangs a \”strategic substitute\” of police investigations into the activity?
Doc 3
CLASSROOM APPLICATION: The article can be used to discuss why the U.S. Treasury is reducing its issuance of bonds with maturities of five years or more as the result of reduced U.S. deficits, whether the U.S. Treasury should be issuing more longer-term bonds to take advantage of low interest rates, why the U.S. Treasury-bond market offers one of the highest yields in the developed world, and why anyone would buy government bonds with a negative yield.
1. (Introductory) The Treasury Department said it will reduce the issuance of longer-term government bonds for the quarter ending in April. What maturities are included in this reduction?

2. (Advanced) Why would this reduction stem from \”reduced U.S. deficits\”?

3. (Advanced) Should the Treasury Department increase (rather than reduce) its issuance of longer-term bonds to take advantage of low interest rates? Why or why not?

4. (Advanced) Why do you think \”the U.S. Treasury-bond market…offers one of the highest yields in the developed world\”?

5. (Advanced) Why would anyone buy a two-year government bond issued by Japan or Germany since both offer negative yields?
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