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Project description
This research paper is for my Accounting class.

Here are the instructions:

There is a required research paper for this class. The research paper must be done on ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT topics only and typed in Microsoft Word. It must include a title page, table of contents page and a references page. All research papers must be submitted through in order to receive credit.


Title of Research Paper
by (Name of Student)

Name of Institution Campus (if more than one campus)
Name of Class, Section Number
Term (i.e., Fall, Spring followed by year)
Name of Professor

Indicate whether the research paper is a required or an extra credit assignment.

Paper Requirements (for both required and extra credit research papers):
-Must be typed in Microsoft Word.
-Must include a title page (see example on this page), table of contents page, and a references page.
-Minimum 5 pages (not including the title page, table of contents page, and the references page).
-Minimum 5 sources (this means 5 different sources, NOT 5 different pages or authors from the same source, which also means 5 different websites NOT 5 different pages or authors from the same website).
-Parenthetical references in the body of the paper after the appropriate sentence or paragraph are required (Example: Authors last name, page number and year of publication).
-References page must be a list of sources listed alphabetically according to authors last name (website sources without listed authors must be listed alphabetically according to the name of the website).
-12.0 Courier or Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one side of a page.
-Must be on a topic relevant to the class.
-Pages must be numbered as follows: Page 1 of 6, Page 2 of 6, etc. at the bottom center of each page typed in 9.0 bold-faced font (see example on this page).
-Each page must contain a heading at the top typed in 9.0 bold-faced font (see example on this page).
-Paper must be divided into sections, starting with an Introduction section, and ending with a Conclusion section. The Table of Contents page must list the name of the sections and the page numbers on which those sections begin.
-Proofread your papers (proofreading means actually reading the paper carefully in order to check for errors and improve its content, NOT just running spell-check on the paper.
Must be submitted through

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