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Project description
Part 1 (use attached pdfs as sources)
For this discussion, select one form of diversity from each of the four broad categories of diversity (age, race or ethnicity, faith, and physical appearance or disability) and respond to the following:
Compare and contrast them based on the concepts presented in the unit’s readings by presenting unique challenges faced by members of these groups, how these issues impact workforce effectiveness positively and negatively, and suggestions for improving the members’ experience in the workplace.
How does the definition or distinction between diversity and inclusion impact your understanding of these differences?
What impact if any do affinity, ethnic, or religious groups have on inclusion?

Part 2

(View this link for to answer Part 2 )

The TEDx Talk video, Why Diversity Is Upside Down: Andrs Tapia at TEDxIndianapolis, which you watched in this unit’s studies, presents several interesting thoughts about the standard perception of diversity. It challenges viewers to move past “Diversity 1.0” and learn the new paradigm of diversity as a multidimensional mixture of attributes, experiences, and ethnicity embodied by every human being. Tapia challenged you to shift your mental model away from a monolithic, single-dimensional, unchanging structure to a model based on the reality of life in the postmodern, post-American world. The challenge, Tapia says, is in making the move from valuing diversity (the mix) for the sake of having a mix to appreciating differences and finding ways to “make the mix work.”

Reflecting on the video and the readings, respond to the following:

What is your blend? Describe your identity as a multidimensional individual to the extent you feel comfortable. How does your organization (current or past) accommodate, manage, or value you as a multidimensional human asset?
How can organizations address diversity in a multidimensional way?
How can HR help employees and leaders develop the skill of inclusion?
Instruction files

managing_diversity_a_continuous_process_of_change.pdf(68,78 KiB)
referrals_and_diversity_transgender_name_changes_termination_meeting_pay.pdf(421,47 KiB)
building_an_inclusive_diversity.pdf(8,16 MiB)

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