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This one page typed paper will be DUE Friday, May 6, 2016. Be sure that it is a full page of text with no grammar or spelling issues, and be sure that you do not take up 25% of the page with your name and class information. If it isnt a full page of Times New Roman, double spaced 12-point black text, it wont be counted for full points. I want to feel that you have analyzed the issue, and have attempted to see it from both sides before choosing a side.

There is an ethical issue surrounding the phenomenon of Digital Necromancy, or the resurrection of dead celebrities in television commercials, films, and live performances. Once a celebrity dies, their commercial viability is still in effect. Usually, their likeness rights revert to their family.

The question:

Would you want someone, say your weird cousin Lou, making decisions about how your likeness is used after you die? If you were a vegetarian, would it be appropriate to digitize you into Foster Farms chicken advertisements? John Wayne, American cowboy film star, died of lung cancer from smoking four packs of cigarettes a day and liver issues stemming from drinking. He was recently featured in a Budweiser commercial. Bruce Lee, Chinese film star and martial arts virtuoso had a personal philosophy about health that included not drinking or doing drugs. Johnnie Walker, a maker of fine scotch whiskey, just featured him in a lengthy and digitally groundbreaking commercial. Although these commercials are beautifully done, is it proper to include a performer to sell products that is no longer alive, or is the art of resurrecting a walking, talking icon too wondrous to ignore? Im sure Bruce Lee fans (like me) were very excited to see him again in any form, and possibly didnt take offense to the message being presented. Still, if you cant get an authorization from a dead celebrity, should they just be leftdead?

Whats your take on the issue?

Please use examples, you are allowed to search the Internet for them if you wish.

Read this article:

Watch this video and read the attached article:

Digital Necromancy: Advertising with Reanimated Celebrities

John Wayne commercial:

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