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Project description

For these 2 distinct projects, imagine you are writing a series of short articles for a Bible dictionary. As we have seen in our study, Bible dictionaries are useful tools to learn more about the books, people, and places we encounter in Scripture.

Your task will be to write:
1.Three concise 200250-word essays about a book, person, and setting/place from the Old Testament .
2.Three concise 200250-word essays about a book, person, and setting/place from the New Testament .

Content Guidelines: Choose 1 book, person, and place from the list of the provided topics for each of the 2 projects.

Your essay must include the following per item:

This essay must include: The basic literary genre, authorship, date written, key themes, purposes, major events, and main personalities.

This essay must include: The dates of the characters life, place of birth, summary of their role or positions held, defining events in their life and work, contemporaries (other biblical characters they are associated with, etc.), and their legacy. If they are a biblical author, list the related works.

Setting/Place (i.e., municipality, kingdom, empire):
This essay must include: The key dates (i.e., founding, demise, etc.), clarification of the location (regional description, the relevance of the place from a biblical/Ancient Near East (ANE) perspective, associated biblical books where it is a backdrop or central location), key attributes (religion, commerce, key figures, etc.), and associated biblical books.

Formatting Guidelines:
Use 1 Microsoft Word document for each stage of submission (That is, all of your Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project will be on 1 document, and all of your New Testament Bible Dictionary Project will be on 1 document).
Use 12-point, Times New Roman font.
Save your document according to the following filename formats:
oModule/Week 5 Lastname_FirstInitialOTBDP.doc (Example: DoeJOTBDP)
oModule/Week 8 Lastname_FirstInitialNTBDP.doc (Example: DoeJNTBDP)
Use the Bible Dictionary Project Template to format your summaries.
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selected books and people to do the essay on below
Old testament:


New Testament Characters
John the Baptist
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Well instead of writing sentence it need to be essay format. 250 words for the Old testament and 250 for the New testament as per the BIBLE DICTIONARY PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS.

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