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Project description
Because business communication is at the heart of a businesss success, business writers must be able to determine what is effective, what is not, and why. Poorly constructed internal documents, in particular, can be problematic because they affect employees understanding of company business protocols.

Review the document called ABC Enterprises Introduction Letter Docx, 20KB. Then, write a brief critical analysis in which you address the following questions:

What is the purpose of the document? Does the document effectively support its intended purpose? Explain your reasoning.
Who is the audience for this document? Does the document effectively target its intended audience? Explain your reasoning.
Is the format of the document appropriate for its intended purpose and audience? Explain your reasoning.
Does the document contain factual, practical information written in a concise, clear manner? Explain and provide examples to support your reasoning.
From an overall perspective, what makes this document effective or ineffective? Support your reasoning with evidence from your textbook or another appropriate source.
If you were asked to rewrite this document, what changes would you recommend? Why?
Submit your finished critical analysis of approximately two pages, double-spaced (about 700 words) and formatted according to APA requirements (title page, references page, etc.). Follow this naming convention for your file before submitting it. The file should be Word or txt (No PDF): LastnameFirstinitialAssignmentLetterNumberLetterNumber. For example: HoneaSM1A1. To be accepted, the file must be Word or txt and must be in the above naming convention.

Compose your work using a word processor (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you upload it. When you are ready to submit your work, click “Browse My Computer” and find your file. Once you have located your file, click “Open” and, if successful, the file name will appear under the Attached files heading. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit.

This assignment accounts for 10% of your grade and is evaluated according to the SLA Writing Rubric 227.3 KB PDF file.

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