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CLASS PARTICIPATION (10%= 10pts) – Everyone in this class has something valuable to contribute. Thus,Class participation will be evaluated in terms of the quantity, but more importantly, quality of your contributions. Your participation will be evaluated by me as follows: Attendance: Regular and punctual class attendance is a signal of your commitment to the course. Class preparation: You should always be prepared to discuss the concepts, topics and issues for a particular session. You will be called upon to do so. Discussions with me and your colleagues is the best opportunity to demonstrate that you are thinking about topics, relating these topics to one another and to material learned elsewhere. It is also good practice for whatever career path you choose. In Class Exercises/Class Presentations: You will also earn class participation points by attending all student presentations and getting involved in the discussion (i.e., asking and responding to insightful questions). Comments from your fellow classmates Apart from my evaluation of your participation, it is important to me that you each take the time to honestly reflect on your own participation (strengths and weaknesses).

ASSIGNMENT – You will be assigning yourself a participation grade at the end of the semester . You will write a 1-page selfassessment that explains and justifies the participation grade that you have given yourself. Your evaluation should consider the elements listed above and should be scored on a scale of 1-10, such that 1 equals worst possible participation and 10 equals highest possible participation. You will also be asked to write a paragraph about one student who has enhanced your learning in this course. (This can be a student who was particularly insightful and helpful in a group project, or someone who helped you think about an issue in a new way in class, etc.). These comments will be taken into consideration when final participation grades are assigned. Note: I always attended the class, participation grade I will give myself is 4 ( I listened more than participated in the discussion )

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