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You should have taken a tour of a nearby airport fire fighting facility. During your visit, you should gather information on the facility\’s approach to response planning, mutual aid agreements, extinguishing agents, equipment, manning, airport category and support, and fire fighter training.
Alternative: If you do not reside in the proximity of an airport, you may tour a local fire department with the goal of obtaining information on how that unit would react to a major aircraft accident in its area of responsibility.
Prepare your tour report on the information gathered during your facility tour, adhering to the following written assignment formatting guidelines: Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced. Papers must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. There is no minimum page number requirement. Your report will be submitted through Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool.
I\’ll provide some info that I collected at my visit.
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\\\”EVER READY, ALWAYS PREPARED. Norfolk Airport Authority maintains a 24-person fire department specially trained in aircraft rescue and firefighting. ORF\\\”s manpower readiness and firefighting equipment far surpass what is mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Drills and disaster scenarios are conducted frequently and are coordinated with a region-wide 40 agency Airport Committee for Emergency Preparedness (ACEP).\\\” Facebook page

Please check these:
The airport is located at 2200 Norview Avenue Norfolk VA 23518 – Norfolk Airport Authority Fire Department phone # 757-857-3495
Tour provided by LT Carlton Harris Sr.
Agents used are AFFF/PKP/foam/Heloton(air out of oxygen-enclosed spaces)
Monthly training/yearly requirement by FAA aircraft fire scenario (monthly-training APU fire, empty spaces, etc)
Rescues are combined with Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Primary one is Norfolk Fire Station 14 at 1460 Norview Avenue, Norfolk VA 23513
Manning is 7 per shift (5 Firefighters, an LT, and a Captain)
Equipment is 3 Fire Trucks (2 are required) 3,000 gallons of water/450 lbs of PKP. Foam tank 450 AFFF.
Biggest aircraft that can land at airport is 747
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