Assignment 5: Interview

 The questions below are some thoughts for you to consider. For your questionnaire think about what you would add that would pertain to the person you are interviewing and the field in which they work. You would connect the questions that you ask to the course material and content.Think of powerful questions to add based upon your research:• Describe your current position. What was your experience prior to your current assignment? (If possible, get a copy of your subject’s resume for more detail) How long have you been in this industry?• Describe the business you are in.• What are your company’s current strategic goals? 3 year goals? 5 year goals?• What is your company’s “global footprint? In other words, with what countries does your company conduct business?• What are the politics (both global and domestic) that this company must consider?• Is the current state of global woes impacting your company? How so?• In your opinion, is the current state of global woes likely to trigger demand for a new style of corporate leadership? If so, what would this new leadership style look like? If not, then how does the exciting leadership style support your company’s future goals?• With the current rate of change in the various business environments outpacing established abilities for US to meet demand for human resources, physical resources’, financial resources, how is your company meeting these demands?• What are your company’s opportunities for import/export expansion?• What are some of the significant changes in workforce demographics and how are they affecting your organization?• What is your company’s mission statement? Has it changed in the past two years as a result of the collapse of the world economy? If so, how? If not, why not?• What is your advice to professionals who desire to advance in a global business environment? Give three specific recommendations.• What is the key to your success? 

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