Assignment 8: Country of Choice Final PowerPoint Presentation

Approximately 20 slide PowerPoint (final to include initial findings, interview detail, additional research, conclusions.Remember: This is an expansion of the Initial PowerPoint presentation, which is attached. Presentation Guidelines (for PowerPoint Presentations)Be sure you have an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion even though this is a presentation and not a paper. The following describes how presentations will be graded. The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before you finalize your presentation. Use APA in your PowerPoints and cite your sources and Wikipedia is still not a source), and have at least three citations. Your presentations will answer the following issues (not necessarily in this order).• Does your presentation answer each of the questions assigned with your country of choice? Does your presentation represent all the data collected during the course related to your country of choice?• Does your PowerPoint look professional (is it approximately 20 slides, APA, referenced, and interesting to the eye?)• Think deeply about not giving a book report – but offering new and interesting information on how your assigned company connects with the material we have covered in class (discussions, videos, website, web alerts, and the Hill text book).Does you presentation have a clear beginning, middle and end? Introduction (20%)Does the introduction explain what the presentation is about? Does it give a quick overview of your main points? It is creative? Is it interesting? Do you have a hypothesis? Analysis (40%)Does the presentation have three to five main points that are supported by references in the text with page numbers of analyzing all of the questions that were given to you with the organization?Does the analysis connect to your introduction and conclusion and the “heart of your hypothesis? Conclusion (20%)Is the conclusion a clear and concise recap of the analysis?The conclusion cannot bring in any new ideas!Does the conclusion tie into the first two or three sentences in thought?Do you explain one more time your hypothesis?Process, Punctuation and Grammar (20%)Are all of the words on the Power Point spelled correctly?Are the correct words used?Is the wording smooth to read?Is proper grammar used?Does the presentation follow APA Guidelines?Are the presentation and the handout interesting?Did you know your audience?Did you keep your reader engaged? Instructions: This is to be a professional PowerPoint presentation, so you must cite the text giving page numbers and following proper APA format. This is a very short and powerful presentation that would instantly capture the interest of a potential investor. You are to explain the value of your innovation, who will benefit and explain the ROI. The final page of the PowerPoint is a Reference Page (using APA citation rules).

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