Design history homework

 Be sure to use the attachment reading to answer these questionsHere is the link to another source: Be sure use the Chapter 12 There are many inter-connections between the design forms, materials, concepts, etc. we covered in class, and many ways you could restate, in your own words, how they all weave together. Use the questions below to suggest the full range of these connections – but don’t let the particular order of “shape” of these questions get in the way of organizing the material in the way that you can do it best. For example, if you wanted to answer both of the questions below in one essay, organized differently perhaps, you could certainly do so. However it seems to make the most sense to you to organize all of what you learned. And do check out the reading, it will help. 1. Compare the cities of Teotihuacan and Tikal in terms of a) the in which each is situated, and its impact on morphology, composition/layout, and materiality of architectural forms and the city over all; b) the ways in which these two societies’ about life and the universe are represented or involved in design forms or their organization in each case (remember the link to symbolism and/or conceptual representation in each); c) any general in architectural form or detail and what might explain (or correlate with) these differences; d) the for which the most prominent and important structures, the temple-pyramids, were made;  2. What is the we identified (and which you were shown samples of in class) for each culture; whatwas it used for; and give an example of its practical (economic, technological, etc.) value to the society? Whatdoes the way they used (and shaped) these materials – in each case – say about the two societies and theirbeliefs, way of life or signature design forms/stylistic identity? Can you relate the products they made with thesematerials to key forms seen in art, architecture, architectural detail or ornament, or writing forms? Can you relatethem to the two symbolic forms we covered in the last class (butterfly and scroll)?  

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