Big industrial companies polluting the envirnoment

Project description
1. Write an argumentative essay. Pick a topic. Pick a position and defend it. Remember that this is still a relatively short essay: narrow your topic as much as possible.

2. Write a proposal essay. Identify a problem and offer a solution.

If possible (and if it interests you) I encourage you to localize your topic. In other words, pick an issue that relates to the larger Philadelphia/Delaware County area.

Note on length: 4-5 pages (1,300 words minimum).

Suggestions: There are many ways to go about this assignment. First, decide between the two options. Next, find a topic that interests yousomething that you want to explore more deeply. I encourage you to be innovative; dont settle for clich topics or simply picking without any personal investment. Be passionate. Then, RESEARCH. Go to reliable sources. Find several articles related to the topic. Read and take notes. Highlight important passages. Whichever option you choose and regardless of your topic, remember that this essay is a test of how deeply you can think, argue a position, offer solutions to a problem, and how well you can communicate those ideas in writing. You may want to use a typical argumentative structure: introduction/thesis, three supporting points, and a conclusion. Or you may borrow from another writing model. Feel free to incorporate some of the writing strategies and styles weve already covered this semester (narrative, reflection, analysis, etc.).

Research: You need 4 sources for this essay (and a Works Cited Page); ONE of your sources must be PEER-REVIEWED. In general, focus on finding articles or essays from credible sources (Time Magazine, Harpers, The Wall Street Journal, etc.). Use the librarys academic databases (Academic Search Premiere, etc.), the websites of magazines or newspapers, or old-fashioned hard sources (you know, things you can touch with your hands).
You should defend how companies pollute the environment and how they should have more strict fines when they do so.
These are 3 arguments you can go off of.
a) Big companies are responsible for oil spills that hurt the ocean.

b) Industrial companies are responsible for polluting drinking water.

c) Industrial companies are responsible for giving people cancer.

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