Advertising Storyboarding and Screenwriting

Project description
Part i

You have recently been hired as a scriptwriter and production assistant for the creative department at Art5 & Neill, a prominent advertising agency based in New York City. The chief creative director has scheduled an introductory meeting with the team and would like you to prepare some information to share with the group.

With this scenario in mind, prepare an autobiography to cover the following details:

1.Your name and where you are from (Mariemilia from Venezuela)
2.Your experience in commercial development or advertising in general
3.Two skills you hope to develop or refine through your work in this course ( specify why skills can I develop on this course “Advertising storyboarding and screenwriting)
4.Your favorite movie and two links to effective advertising that promote the movie (television advertisements, Internet ads, etc.), along with reasons these advertising methods are effective (THE MOVIE I CHOOSE IS KUNFU PANDA, SO BASED ON THIS MOVIE PROVIDE THE SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISMENT

MY BASIC INFORMATION TO FULFILL THE FISRT PART (of course you need to improve and ad information

My name is Mariemilia Itriago and Im from Colombia .
My experience in commercial development is a little bit low. I have more experience on the advertising field. I have worked in a small agency on developing research for new topics for the creation of new campaigns. I have been always more attracted to the marketing side instead of the advertising. I have knowledge and experience on researching, analyzing and developing an advertising campaign.

For Part II: I will be posting a document as an example of what I want you to create based on my favorite movie kung fu Panda (use the first one)

Your first week at Art5 & Neill will focus on creative explorations to prepare you for some of the larger projects coming your way. You will begin by developing an interactive display ad for the movie you shared in Assignment 1 this week.


Complete the following:

1. Identify the target audience by detailing both demographic and psychographic information.
2. Write a target market statement.
3. Create a series of hand drawn thumbnail sketches to show how your display ad will appear on initial viewing, as well as how it will change as the viewer interacts with the ad. A minimum of 3 frames per concept are required. (you need to draw it or edit it or created on photoshop)
4. Choose the strongest thumbnail concept and fine tune the drawings while adding color. If you would like, you may create the final frames in Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word using text and imagery. Your finished ad size should be 300 x 600 pixels.
Added on 01.05.2016 20:31
Hey you need to use photoshop and new creations for the second part of the assignment. YOU NEED TO COME WITH A NEW IDEA FOLLOW THE EXACT STEPS AS THE EXAMPLES ON THE FILE ATTACHED

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