Business Analysis – YAWL Foundation

Project description
Dear Writer,

Please refer to the document named Business Analysis – YAWL Foundation for the business needs and elicitation in order to proceed to requirement analysis section.

As for the requirements, it may be presented using a variety of applicable techniques as described in BABOK guide. At least one Use Case must be included.

Please find the attached files needed for this assignment:-
Business Analysis – YAWL Foundation
Assignment scenario
Lecture 4
Babok Guide

*Important – Only references and techniques from Babok guide must be applied in this assignment. Below is the structure of this assignment:-

Requirements Analysis (Please follow these requirements carefully)
a. Break requirements up into logical sections
b. Prioritise requirements show the method(s) used
c. Organise requirements decide on modelling techniques and levels of abstraction to be used
d. Specify and Model Requirements – apply these techniques to the requirements described. This is where you record the requirements of the project, and so is the major section of this assignment. At least one use case must be included here.
e. Define Assumptions and Constraints
f. Verify requirements this is a statement by the group that the requirements meet the characteristics of requirements quality see p.115
g. Validate requirements against the information gathered in the Enterprise Analysis section

*Important – Please refer to Lecture 4 and Babok guide for the modelling techniques and levels of abstraction diagrams as it is crucial to include it in this assignment.

*Please make sure that you meet all these necessities:
1- BABOK Reference provides at least 3 relevant and correctly formatted in-text citations and bibliography.
2- Prioritise Prioritised requirements resulting from application of the nominated technique are presented in a meaningful way.
3- Organise A modelling technique is selected with strong justification.
4- Specify cogently models and articulates the analysis of each of the requirements using the nominated technique(s).
5- Assumptions/Constraints cogently addresses all relevant assumptions and constraints.
6- Verification Statement of verification provided .
7- Validation Evidence of validation process including correct technique linked to BABOK .
8-Use Case 1 or more correct Use Case(s) AND a correct Use Case Diagram .
9- Overall Each Solution Requirement logically linked to a business need, with high standard of grammar and spelling.
Instruction files

babok_v2_-_security_enabled.pdf(2,06 MiB)

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