Business communications paper

Instructions: Please respond to the following in one page or less for each item. Use a 12 point font and line spacing of no less than 1.15 lines. The page length is a maximum, allowing you to practice your skills in writing Executive Summaries. Identify your responses by item number (i.e., to save space, you do not need to copy down the assigned task on your paper).  Grades will be based on the following criteria: Content of item responses – Each item has specific content expectations included with it. Use of resources – Support for your responses is provided by citations from the assigned readings from class or from other publications. Citations should be included in the body of your answer. A single References page listing all of the references specifically cited in your responses should be included as the last page of the assignment. The particular citation and Reference page format is up to you, but it should be a generally recognized method such as APA or MLA. A minimum of one citation is expected for each response for a “B” paper. To earn an “A” on the assignment, one must achieve the following: – A minimum of two supporting citations should be included per content item. – Writing should include no more than two or three minor errors. ______________________________________________________________________________________________Answer: 1. Outline a strategic communication plan to support the mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives of an organization. (Be able to develop a strategic communication plan that supports the mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives of an organization.) 2. Select one of the change methods and explain its approach in detail. Describe a communication approach to use in communicating the need for change and in supporting the change process during the change and after the change is complete. (Explains the role of communication throughout the change process.) 3. Discuss key cultural considerations in communications. (Be able to discuss the effects of both internal and external cultures on the effectiveness of communications.) REMEMBER: must have two citations per question!!! 

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