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The first person who wrote this paper did not do a good job. What needs to be added to this paper is a regression analysis, take this paper and find any way to make one, delete/add whatever you need to and if you have any questions call me. Preferably, use the heckscher-ohlin theorem and use the data I already have (If it is easier to find your data to help you out then just do that but make sure to update my sources) to test data. This is for a final research paper that I NEED an A on. The topic of NAFTA and GDP needs to stay the same but if editing anything else helps you out do it. I need an updated thesis statement afterwards as well. Look it over, get er done. Ill post a bunch of stuff that should hopefully help you and maybe of an example of what an A paper looks like in the class.
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In the document I first sent you, there is corrections/comments by the grader. Please read it and correct it (alot of it is explaining why we are showing the data we are showing). Also I need more than just one regression graph man, cmon. To make this paper PASSABLE, First I need a couple of pages explaining in depth the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem, look at the additional papers I sent, structure them like that with the setup of the model and the conditions that go with it, ect. then after explaining the model, relate the data we are testing to the variables of the model (In one of the comments the grader suggests finding trade data through UN comtrade, as a top writer, I’m sure you will know how to find it) then test multiple type of data for two variables. Ultimately get data (if you cant already get it from my paper) for TWO GOODS: ONE IS AGRICULTURAL, THE OTHER IS MANUFACTURING. WORK OUT THE ANALYSIS OF THE HECKSCHER/OHLIN MODEL FOR 2 GOODS AND TWO COUNTRIES (US and Mexico). SHOW GRAPHICALLY THAT GDP GROWS AFTER OPENING TO TRADE. TEST FOR CHANGES IN LABOR, CAPITAL INVESTMENT, ETC THAT WOULD CONFIRM THE PREDICTIONS OF THE THEORY USING THE USA AND MEXICO BEFORE AND AFTER NAFTA. I need this done before Saturday night

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