Choose from the list of films at the bottom of this post

Complete both parts. 1.a. Worth 21/25 pts: Choose from the list of films at the bottom of this post. Watch the film carefully, taking notes . Pay careful attention to 3 ways the film relates to material in Barry and Shaw and/or Aristotle. Write a film review, summarizing the film plot, characters, and the three ethical issues. Cite the book, class lecture, and any source, including the film, at least 4 times per page in footnotes. Word count minimum is 1200 words, max is 2100 words in order to get a possible passing grade, double spaced, footnotes not included.1.b. Worth 4/25 pts: Describe the relevance that Business Ethics has to your life and the careers of your classmates. Show familiarity with the material in footnotes and in text. Min 900 words, max 1000 words.  

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