Provide a brief analysis of the events that led up to the current crisis with ISIS

 ***MUST BE COMPLETED WITH IN 3 HOURS OF HANDSHAKE**** Current Event Analysis This current events article is two-fold. First, provide a brief analysis of the events that led up to the current crisis with ISIS. Second, what role, if any, should the U.S. play in this conflict? Please be sure to follow all protocol regarding this assignment. These short summaries and analysis of the current global events should be a minimum of 500 wordsYour writing will be graded not only on the content, but also on your ability to communicate clearly, preferably in APA format.  Students should cite in-text and provide a references list, preferably in APA format to complete the assignmentReview the APA Interactions in the Student Resource Center – Writing and Communication; there are additional resources that are useful to students

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