I have a really low tolerance for people making comments, especially managers, without actually positioning them. Somebody might say, for example, that our competition has a new product. But is it good news or bad news? Should we do something about it? I always expect my managers to have an opinion and they should not be just messengers. A manager is not a messenger. I don’t like my managers essentially talking to their people without being able to express their opinion and position what they’re discussing. People know that I hate long e-mails and that all of the e-mails they send me, with a few exceptions, should always be short enough to fit on the screen of my iPhone. If you send me an e-mail, and I need to scroll down to read it all, you’ve lost me. I’m usually the first person to meet with a new candidate, because I’ll do the selling. People have options, and when they come to us, we’re not the only company they look at. We want them to be extremely committed to the process, even the process of hiring. They have to come and interview with 10 people and do homework. The best way to do that is to get them excited about the company and for me to sell them the vision and talk about the culture and why we will win. Then I’m usually the last one who sees that person again and then it’s a real interview. Raw I.Q. is No. 1, but the second quality is the ability to be part of the team. So the question I most consistently ask people is, “Tell me about a time in your career when you felt in the zone, where you felt you performed the best. It doesn’t need to be the most recent experience. It doesn’t need to be the most high-level job. I just want to understand when you were most excited, and at the top of your game. Who helped you to develop that? What was the environment? Why did you feel like that? What was the company? What was special about the company, about the product, about the space, about you?”I usually focus on that moment because I want to understand how people got there and whether we can replicate that with this person. I’m not a developer, and I don’t write code, but I have the ability to see where technology is going to be in five years. I can see it ahead of most V.C.’s and most analysts and most customers. If you look at all of my companies and my track record, the results show that I was more right than not. My secret thing is that I can see stuff that nobody else can see. Part of working in the big mood swing of a start-up is that you have to somehow get out of it. So every Saturday and Sunday, I’m on a bike for at least a couple of hours. I bike alone because those are the moments when I organize my ideas. Being alone is very helpful for a C.E.O. and I have very few of those moments. I also like long flights.

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