Critical Incident Management Course Expectation

Project description
Below is a course description, assume you are going to take this course and write one page on your expectations coming into this class and what knowledge/skills you would like to acquire as the outcome of taking this course.

Course Description:

This course examines the historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of managing critical incidents including terrorist related, man-made, or natural events and law enforcements responsibilities and responses to such events. It explores topics such as incident command structure, interagency cooperation among local, state, and federal government agencies in emergency situations, crisis intervention and the Department of Homeland Security, NIMS, and the National Response Plan.

Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

University Outcomes:
COMMUNICATION: Express and interpret ideas clearly, using a variety of written, oral and/or visual forms;
1.Construct coherent, organized expression appropriate to a variety of disciplines and audiences
2.Apply the basic mechanics of language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling) effectively
Critical & Creative Thinking: Use different modes of disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry to explore ideas and issues from multiple perspectives
1.Assess ideas, research, and/or theories presented by others
2.Synthesize multiple perspectives into a coherent understanding of a problem, issue, or question
3.Generate alternative questions, interpretations, or approaches within an established discipline field of inquiry

Major Outcomes:

Summarize and interpret current issues in the field of criminal justice and how these issues impact the criminal justice organizations and personnel and the respective stakeholders;
Compare and contrast and select among the current techniques for supervision, management and leadership within the criminal justice organizational setting.

Course Specific Competencies:

Apply the National Incident Management System;
Compare and contrast organizational response to a crisis with normal operations;
Analyze potential critical incidents, such as mass bombings and select the appropriate organization as well as the individual agency response;
Summarize crisis theory

Course Outline:

Terrorism Overview;
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Hazards;
Emergency Management Issues;
Response and Recovery Communications;
Technology Issues in Homeland Security

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