critically discuss the effectiveness of the state contribution to the development/ maintenance of cultural and hertiage assets of significance to the tourism sector

Project description
This assessment comprises 2 parts:
A 1500 word analysis of the role of the state in supporting a particular aspects of tourism development in Crete, Greece. See below for choice of titles), Which will synthesise fieldwork data collected by you and your other group members and key literature.
+ And a 1500 critical reflection on the deployment of the three key primary data collection methods (Observation,Mirco interviews, and the questionaire surveys), which engages with key methodological issues/ challenges that were encountered whilst in the field( Including Ethics and triangluation). Again you are requried to draw on key literature to support your observations/ discussions.
The title that ive chosen to analysis is Critically discuss the effectiveness of the state contribution to the development/ maintenance of cultural and hertiage assests of signifcance to the tourism sector.
Failure to collect the required volume of data and to keep a detailed , systematci record of your thoughts, observation and mirco – interview data while on the field trip will put students at a significant disadvantage when it comes to producing the Experiential learning narrative.
Conponent one of the grading criteria for part one
1) directly address your chosen title
2)draw substantively on the data you (and your group) collected
3)Engage with the key conceptual issues
5) present clear,consise conclusions/ recommendations
this first section will lead itself towards a more essay structure type layout with mininal suheading.
Part two might draw more heavily on subheadings(observations,mirco-interviews,questionaire surveys, ethics, triangulation.
Part two comprise of marking scheme AS:
1) Critically reflect on your deployment of the 3 key methods of primary data collection) A Descriptive summary will not put you in a good position to compete for a good grade.
2) Engage with key issues/challenges you encountered when collecting/ analysing your data (Including Ethics, TRIANGULATION)
The experiential learning narrtive is learning via, epereience .
It is also 35% of the total module grade
I will be able to assist the writer in providing the sources required such as photos of surveys, mirco interviews and observational notes , recording that should layout out in a table on be used in a picture format.
I will also provide links to key literature sources, presentation from my lecturer of what the work should like and the structure.

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